Modern composites, which are combinations of wood and plastic in any shape, are quite beneficial for creating stunning outdoor architecture. The rising demand for both the residential and commercial sectors is well met by these. With more than 20 years of successful operation, Superdeck Decking is one of Australia’s most seasoned manufacturers of composite decking. provide consumers with specialised solutions, such as sizes, sturdy internal boards, and accessories, to aid them at every stage. Here are the top 5 advantages of adopting contemporary composite decking in your home or place of business.

Perfect Finishing

Their visually appealing aesthetic finish is one feature that sets them apart. The consistency these composites provide to their construction is adored by the customers. They are available in a number of hues to suit your individual requirements and provide more refinement to house d├ęcor. Additionally, they include a concealed fastening system that adds to the flawless finishing of their exterior look.

Simple to Install and Transport

When compared to conventional wood-based decking, these contemporary composites are also more lightweight. Making it trouble-free to transport and install them in remote locations. These boards include parts that are ready to be installed. Although all wood-cutting tools are appropriate for use with composite materials as well. It is advised that owners adhere to the proper manufacturer guidelines in order to maintain their items for a viable warranty duration and extended sustenance for composites.


The reduced maintenance requirements of composites are another key selling point. They are further protected by a second layer that is stain-, fade-, and dirt-resistant. To eliminate common filth particles deposited on the surface, just use a water hose. Watering the area a couple of times helps keep the shine intact. Every six months, soap and a soft brush will get rid of the tough stains. Although similar to wood, these Britedeck composites need airflow to dry after being wet.

Very secure and amiable

These composites are also splinter- and warp-free, making them perfect for use in households with kids and animals. As opposed to the conventional wood-based decking, which often had threaded wafts coming out of the corners that were problematic for both kids and animals. The composites we use at BriteDecking have a textured surface that effectively makes them non-slip and suitable for use around swimming pools, marinas, spas, and other wet places. However, after being wet for a prolonged period of time, they need appropriate ventilation.

Stable and robust For a Long Time

These composites provide greater durability for a lifetime since the outside of the components is resistant to mould, dirt, weather, insects, and many other things. Depending on the quality of the composites you purchase from BriteDecking, the company also provides a 15 to 30 year guarantee. Even though they need a large initial investment, they are more cost-effective over the long term and require less upkeep.

One of the most successful Australian-owned and -operated businesses, Superdeck Decking has more than 20 years of expertise in this sector. To make it simple for you to install these contemporary composites, products are offered in a variety of ranges, including the Solid XS range, the Classic WPC range, the NextGen titanium range, fascial boards, and a number of accessories. Get in touch with our composite specialist right away for any more information, advice, concerns, or solutions for certain sizes!

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