When it comes to managing business finances, the ability to efficiently mail checks is a critical requirement. Two popular online check mailing services, OnlineCheckWriter and Checkbook, offer solutions to streamline this process. However, a closer examination reveals that OnlineCheckWriter’s check mailing service is significantly more cost-effective and provides a superior overall experience compared to Checkbook.

Cost Savings with OnlineCheckWriter

One of the primary advantages of using OnlineCheckWriter, a Checkbook alternative, for check mailing is the cost savings it offers. According to the information provided , OnlineCheckWriter charges just $1.25 to print and mail a check via USPS or FedEx. In contrast, Checkbook’s pricing for check mailing is not as transparent, and users may face additional fees depending on the specific services they require.

The cost difference becomes even more pronounced when considering the long-term expenses. OnlineCheckWriter’s platform is designed to provide long-term savings on check mailing costs, as traditional methods can cost businesses up to $7.78 per check, including the expenses of printing, packing, and tracking. By leveraging OnlineCheckWriter’s streamlined approach, businesses can significantly reduce their check mailing expenditures and improve their bottom line.

Convenience and Efficiency

In addition to cost savings, OnlineCheckWriter’s check mailing service offers a more convenient and efficient experience compared to Checkbook. With OnlineCheckWriter, users can print, label, envelope, and mail checks with just a single tap, without the need to leave their office or home . This level of automation and simplicity is not readily available with Checkbook, which may require more manual intervention and effort from the user.

The time-saving benefits of OnlineCheckWriter’s check mailing service are particularly valuable for businesses that need to manage a high volume of check transactions. By eliminating the hassle of physically mailing checks, OnlineCheckWriter allows companies to focus on their core operations, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Customization and Design Options

Another area where OnlineCheckWriter shines is in its customization and design capabilities. The platform offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop design tool that allows businesses to create and customize their checks with preferred backgrounds, fonts, and even their own company logos . This level of personalization is not only visually appealing but can also help reinforce a company’s brand identity.

In contrast, Checkbook’s check design options may be more limited, potentially forcing businesses to settle for a generic or less-than-ideal check appearance. The ability to tailor the check’s look and feel is an important consideration for companies that value a cohesive and professional image.

Secure and Reliable Service

When it comes to financial transactions, security and reliability are paramount. OnlineCheckWriter’s check mailing service is built on a foundation of robust security measures, including encryption, fraud detection, and a secure infrastructure . This level of protection helps to safeguard businesses and their sensitive financial information, giving them peace of mind.

While Checkbook may also prioritize security, the comprehensive security features and infrastructure of OnlineCheckWriter provide an added layer of assurance for users. This is particularly important in an era where cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and businesses must be vigilant in protecting their financial data.


In the competitive landscape of online check mailing services, OnlineCheckWriter emerges as the clear Checkbook alternative. With its significantly lower costs, unparalleled convenience and efficiency, customization options, and robust security measures, OnlineCheckWriter offers a superior solution for businesses looking to streamline their check mailing processes.

By leveraging the benefits of OnlineCheckWriter’s check mailing service, companies can not only save money but also enhance their overall financial operations, freeing up resources to focus on their core business objectives. 

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