German Franks natural casing hot dogs are well known for their tempting taste. Sausages and hot dogs are one of the best options for gatherings and picnics. Hot dogs are a ritual dish for the American Independence Day celebration.

The known Nathan popular hot dog eating contest is the symbol of freedom. It’s interesting how this simple food item has tangled with people’s leisure. It seems quite easy but it needs some knowledge and techniques for acquiring the perfect blend of juicy and tasty hot dogs.  

From selecting the right sausages to mastering grill marks, browning the buns, and crafting inventive toppings. Here, you will find everything you want to experience to attain hot dog perfection.

This article helps to take you to the upgraded level of hot dog grilling by enhancing your cooking skills. Surprise your family and friends with your hot dog’s grilling perfection. So, be ready at the next picnic for your new practical experience of grilling hot dogs.

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 Tips for cooking German Franks natural casing hot dogs

Here are useful tips for cooking German Franks natural casing hot dogs.

  1. Choosing the Right Hot Dogs 

The important thing is quality which matters a lot when it comes to German Franks natural casing hot dogs. Look for the German Franks brands which never compromise on their ingredients and traditional recipes in terms of quality. 

The natural casing of hot dog plays a vital role in promoting reliable snap and enhancing the improving the flavor of the hot dog 

  1.  Hot dogs in natural casings

 Heat the barbecue grill if you plan to use it. The next step is, take a pan of water to boil and put the sausages into the boiling water. Cover the pan and remove it from the heat point. Let the sausages sit in the hot water for about 20 minutes.

If you selected to use a griddle pan, gently make it greasy then heat it until it becomes hot and starts to smoke. When sausages are prepared, take them back to the griddle pan. Grill the sausages briefly, assure to support them in changeless motion, until they are lightly charred from all sides. 

Don’t worry if it fragmented slightly during this procedure. Later, place the sausages in a bun, add your desirable toppings, and enjoy your feast.

  1. Preparing the Grill

Make sure your grill is clean and rightly heated up when you are deciding about grilling. A properly clean grill can save your hot dog from sticking out and allows it to better cook. Preheating the grill assures that the hot dog will cook nicely and develop nice char.

The grilling method is the most obvious method to cook hot dogs. Sometimes there is uncertainty about hot dogs because of the heat and smoke. The best is the flavour and taste of hot dogs.

The notorious Katz’s Deli uses this grilling technique with unclear success, obviously achieving a “nice char” on a red hotplate without a single casualty, but if you are not trained don’t try to use this. 

  1. Adjusting Heat Zones

Make two heat regions on your grill; one for straight heat and one for medium heat. It allows you to scorch the hot dogs quickly over straight heat and then to medium heat. This style saves your hot dogs from burning.

  1. Pricking the Hot Dogs

Gently prick your german hot dogs with the knife while grilling. It saves your hot dog from bursting and makes room for steam to escape. Make sure your hot dog casing remains intact and it cooks completely. 

  1. Seasoning Options

No doubt that German Franks hot dogs have excellent taste, but you can still improve the taste with assorted seasonings on your own. Like brushing with olive oil or butter and sprinkling spices before grilling, and have your favorite combination.

  1. Grill Lid Position

Heat the hot dog over direct heat, with an open lid. This step enhances your cooking skills and lessens the danger of overcooking or charring hot dogs. Close the lid when you move your hot dog to indirect heat. This step promotes even cooking.


  1. Monitoring Cooking Time

You can rely on consistency and desired level of char by cooking German Frank casing hot dogs for 8 to 12 minutes. The casing hot dogs flip occasionally on all sides for evenly cooked.

  1. Testing for Doneness

Use a meat thermometer for perfect checking of hot dogs. Enter the thermometer into a heavy part, away from the casing. The temperature should be about 160°F (71°C).

  1. Resting and Serving

Once done, rest it for some time and let it cool. So the seasoning juice completely merges into it and makes it much better in taste. You can serve German Franks hot dogs on hot buns with different sauces.

 More Grilling Tips

  • If the grill is hot don’t try to flip the hot dog just lower the heat, this will lead to stricken the hot dog, and then flip it.
  • For a natural non-stick cooking surface, try cutting a raw potato in half, piercing the rounded uncut side with a two-prong meat fork, and rubbing the cut side of the vegetable on the grill grate lightly across the cooking surface before the grill is turned on.
  • You can use raw potato on the surface of the grill. Cut the potato in 2 rounds before turning on the grill, softly rub these 2 rounds on the grill grate surface with the help of a fork, by covering the cooking surface. This technique helps prevent food from sticking and creates a natural non-stick surface on your grill.
  • By the grill, have a water spray bottle in your hands to burst out.
  • It’s best to bind the assortment of protein choices, to minimize the stress of grilling when cooking for an ample group. Hot dogs and sausages are best for togetherness because they required minimum struggle and time on the grill also keep in mind to add meat quantity to the grill to avoid having temperature monitor needs and keep yourself free from the hustle.
  • If you are using direct heat for your hot dogs and sausages, add seasoning onions and fill an aluminium pan with beer. Let hot dogs soak for some time before grilling.
  • Here an alternative tip is, if you don’t want beer and onions, you rather brush the hot dogs with mayo and BBQ sauce.


Grilling German Frank’s natural casing hot dogs is a yummy and appreciated experience. By following the above tips, you can assure a tender casing, juicy inside, an overwhelming aroma, and grilled to flawless hot dogs. 

Surprise your family and friends with the relish taste of these classic sausages at your next picnic.

By Ashan Ghumro

Guest post service provider.

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