You may have seen doctors or medical experts advising people to plenty of safe water on daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, the problem is that, water all around the world are contaminated. And if you continue to keep using unfiltered water for a prolonged period time, then you are high risk of serious diseases. 

This is so because unfiltered water is loaded with toxic impurities including chemicals, heavy metals, microorganisms, and many more. 

So, there is important for everyone to understand the different heath risks associated with drinking unfiltered water. And this is what this post will do. 

Here, we will not only cover different heath issues can caused by drinking unfiltered water, but also discuss different methods to overcome it. So, it will be worth the reading for everyone out there. But before going into the details, let us provide a quick overview of unfiltered water. 

Unfiltered Water – Overview

It is a water that is specially treated for maximum safety. Unfiltered water can be obtained from different sources such as municipal suppliers, wells, rivers, lakes, and many more. 

If your water is coming any of these sources. There are strong chances that it is not safe to use, specially for drinking purposes. 

Harmful Effects Of Drinking Unfiltered Water:

First of all, it’s vital to realize that effects on people’s health may or may not show up immediately away. The person’s age, physical condition, and overall state of health are all factors that affect how intense the real effects are felt. 

The following are the more often reported health issues caused by drinking unfiltered water:

  • Issues with the digestive system
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting, 
  • Abdominal or stomach cramps, 
  • Aches and pains in the abdomen or stomach
  • Dehydration Death

Remember that just because there aren’t any immediate indications or symptoms doesn’t imply there won’t be any long-term impacts.

Some Water Contaminants in Unfiltered Water:

Water that has not been treated in any way is referred to as unfiltered water. This could apply to bottled water or water from your taps. Pollutants that can be found in unfiltered water include:

1. Lead:

Lead is the most commonly found contaminant in unfiltered water. It can harm the brain and neurological system in both children and adults, resulting in negative health impacts. Filtering the water can efficiently eliminate its traces completely.

2. Fluoride:

A mineral called fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, but it can also harm bones. Another caustic substance, fluoride, can cause serious burns and deformity in humans if consumed in excessive doses.

3. Mercury:

Mercury is another occasionally found contaminant in unfiltered water. Consuming mercury can damage kidneys and the central nervous system of the human body. 

Additionally, it is harmful to grow fetuses and, when eaten in large doses, can result in congenital defects. There are no specific quantity of mercury is mentioned by doctors. It is said that even little amounts can result in major health problems.

4. Microorganisms

Basically, these are small living organisms that can pose serious health risks to human life, if they are not treated at the right time. Unfiltered water is loaded with different kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. 

5. Chemicals

Finally, unfiltered water is equipped with several harmful chemical that can cause serious damage to human body, if consumed for too long. Chemicals came into the unfiltered water through different number of sources, like industrial waste, agriculture waste, environment pollution etc. 

Just imagine toxic your water will become if it is loaded with all these contaminants. That’s why, it is essential to make the unfiltered water free from them. 

How to Make Unfiltered Water Free from Contaminants

Below, we have discussed different methods that you try in order to make your unfiltered water clean and safe. 


Most of you will be completely familiar of this method. Boiling the unfiltered water will kill a range of contaminants from it. This include bacteria, viruses, and many more. This the most seamless and cost less method to make unfiltered free from impurities. 

Tip: Boil water is for a few minutes in large kitchen container. 

Water filtration System:

As the name indicates, using a water filter is another good way to make unfiltered safe and healthy. Water filters are systems that specially designed to treat contaminated water that is equipped with chemicals, microorganisms, heavy metals, etc. However, remember this, water filteration systems are available in types. The major types are:

However, it is important to choose a filter that matches both your water requirement needs and budget. 

UV Radiation:

This may be a new method for some people out there. UV radiation can be highly effective to all kinds of microorganisms from the unfiltered water. To use this method, you need to buy a UV purifier. 

Chemical Disinfection:

Chemical disinfections like chlorine can also be beneficial in making unfiltered water free from impurities. However, there is a little risk with this method. You need to add the right amount of chemical disinfection in the unfiltered water. Otherwise, it is can results in negative effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What contaminants unfiltered water contains?

Unfiltered contains a range of harmful contaminants like microorganisms, chemicals, sediment, heavy metals, and many more. These impurities found their way into the contaminated through both natural sources and human activities. 

What health risks these contaminants can pose to human health?

The health risks associated with drinking unfiltered water are listed below: 

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • High fever
  • Vomiting
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin problems
  • Cancer
  • Liver and kidney damage

Final Words

So, everyone must try his/her best to avoid using unfiltered water for a prolonged period of time. The reason of saying this is that, drinking unfiltered can pose serious health threats to humans ranging from minor fever to cancer symptoms. In this article, we have covered effects in detail along with different methods to overcome them. 

By Ashan Ghumro

Guest post service provider.

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