A stylish staple for casual and day wear, this knitted cardigan from Catwalk Wholesale is designed with comfort and warmth in mind. Available in different colors, this cardigan features long balloon sleeves, an open front detail, fashionable longline style, added pockets, striped detail and a fabric belt fastening. With an approx. length of 45” (115 cm) and crafted from 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide, this cardigan is perfect for any wardrobe. Enjoy this Italian-made item with the perfect fit of S/M (UK 8/12) L/XL (UK 12/16).

At Catwalk Wholesale, we have a great selection of wholesale clothing that allows you to look your best. Our Raye Striped Longline Knitted Cardigan- Stone is a great addition to our collection. This cardigan is designed to complement your wardrobe, whether it be for casual or daywear. The added pockets make it conveniently easy to carry essentials without needing to stuff it in your jeans, while the fashionable longline style provides amazing comfort. The long balloon sleeves and added striped detail on the hemline and sleeves all contribute to transforming plain basic looks into fashionable style statements.

Our Raye Striped Longline Knitted Cardigan- Stone is soft and stretchy, making for the perfect fit. Whether you are looking for a new piece to add to your rotation or something to stand out from the crowd, this cardigan is a great investment piece. Its unique fabric blend allows it to be breathable and warm. The added fabric belt fastening completes the look, making it an overall sophisticated look.

The Raye Striped Longline Knitted Cardigan- Stone from Catwalk Wholesale is perfect for individuals looking for a stylish staple for casual wear or day events. With it’s Italian-made craftsmanship and unique design, this wholesale clothing piece is unrivaled and incredibly fashionable. Get yours today!

At Catwalk Wholesale, we take pride in providing quality wholesale clothing for everyone. Our Raye Striped Longline Knitted Cardigan- Stone is a testament to this. Not only is it designed with both comfort and style in mind, but it is also crafted from a unique fabric blend allowing it to be both breathable and warm. The Italian-made piece also features added pockets for convenience and an added fabric belt fastening. Best of all, the adjustable sizing of this cardigan makes it a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep you warm on a cool summer night or a stylish piece for daytime events, the Raye Striped Longline Knitted Cardigan- Stone from Catwalk Wholesale is the perfect piece. With it’s soft fabric, adjustable sizing, added pockets and fashionable design, this cardigan is an ideal addition to your wardrobe. Get yours today for the perfect combination of comfort, style and convenience!

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