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School Counseling

ByAshan Ghumro

Aug 3, 2023


Recently, schools are being made to be aware of the impact of crisis and trauma on students. A crisis or traumatic event can profoundly affect a child’s emotional and mental well-being, academic achievement, and social development (Osher et al. 2021).

School counselors, mental health professionals and other school personnel play a critical role in supporting students and families in the aftermath of a crisis.

According to  sociology assignment and homework help project aims to look into the school counseling’s response to a crisis by detailing an upheaval or trauma encountered by a school-wide incident, family and in specific a school-aged child.

Background of the Individual

Marcus is a 16-year-old male student who is African-American and comes from an indigent family.

He lives with his three younger siblings and his mother in a small apartment complex in an urban area as explained by history homework helps and assignment help

. Marcus is a freshman at a local high school; this is his first year attending high school. He faces some challenges in his life due to his background and circumstances. Also, Marcus has experienced absenteeism from school in the past, which has likely contributed to his academic struggles.

This could be due to various factors, including a lack of resources or support at home, difficulty adjusting to a new school environment, or personal issues impacting his ability to attend school regularly by political science homework help.

Additionally, Marcus may be facing other barriers to academic success, such as inadequate access to technology or transportation criminology assignment help argues that, limited access to healthy food or healthcare, and a need for positive role models or mentors.

Despite these challenges, Marcus has the potential to succeed academically and achieve his goals. With the right support and resources, he could thrive in school and go on to pursue higher education or a fulfilling career. E

ducators, counselors, and other professionals need to work together to identify and address the barriers that Marcus is facing and to provide him with the tools and support he needs to succeed.

This may include access to tutoring or academic resources, counseling or mental health support, and community programs or initiatives that can help address the underlying social and economic factors contributing to his challenges.

Description of the Crisis Situation

The traumatic event that Marcus and his family faced occurred during the summer before his first year of high school. It was difficult for the family as Marcus’s father was arrested and sent to prison for drug-related charges. This event significantly impacted Marcus, as he was very close to his father and was devastated by the news. The family was struggling financially, and his father’s arrest worsened things.

Marcus’s mother had to take on additional work to support the family, so Marcus and his siblings had to spend more time alone.

Furthermore, as Marcus began his first year of high school, he was still dealing with the aftermath of his father’s arrest.

However, healthcare assignment help explained that things worsened when he learned that his best friend had been shot and killed in a gang-related incident during the first week of school.

This event was a devastating blow to Marcus, and he struggled to cope with losing his friend. He began feeling unsafe in his neighborhood and experienced anxiety and fear. The combination of these two traumatic events significantly impacted Marcus’s mental health and well-being.

He was dealing with the loss of his father and best friend and the fear and uncertainty of his current living situation. Marcus needs support and resources to help him cope with these traumatic events and move forward positively.

By Ashan Ghumro

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