In the money trade game, keeping checks safe is key for all sorts of firms. As trickery gets smart, groups must have tough tools to shield their check cash-ins. Positive Pay is one of those tools that help stop check theft before it starts.

In this blog post, we’ll look at Positive Pay, why it matters for check safety, and how Zil Money, a top payment tool, adds this to make sure firms are more secure.

What is Positive Pay?

Banks give a service called Positive Pay to help firms fight check theft. Firms send a list of checks they have sent out to their bank. The bank checks checks coming in against this list before they let the money go. If a check doesn’t fit the list details, the bank marks it, and the firm can say yes or no to the cash.

This ahead-thinking way stops people from taking cash they shouldn’t and cuts down on money lost for firms. With Positive Pay, groups can cut the chance of being hit by check con tricks.

How Zil Money uses Positive Pay

Zil Money, which runs on the cloud to manage cash and is the best AvidXchange alternative, knows check safety is vital. It has Positive Pay built-in to make check paying safer for firms. ZilMoney’s Positive Pay is better than AvidXchange because:

  • It checks well for fraud by matching given checks with those coming in, catching any wrongs fast.
  • Firms get alerts right away if a check doesn’t match, so they can act fast against theft.
  • It ups safety by letting only okayed people write checks, lowering the chance of fake deals.
  • It makes things smoother and helps money flow better by making Positive Pay automatic, so firms save time and work less with checks by hand. This leads to better money health.

Why Positive Pay is good for firms

Zil Money’s Positive Pay gives businesses lots that make checks safer and save money:

  • Less chance of fraud: Positive Pay checks if checks coming in are real, which means less chance of losing money to cons.
  • Saves money: Not losing money to fake checks means firms keep more cash.
  • Trust in money moves: Firms feel sure knowing that Positive Pay is watching and checking their checks.

In short

To wrap up, ZilMoney’s Positive Pay is a strong, smart choice for firms wanting to make their check cash-ins safer, stop cons, and make money matters smoother. With Positive Pay in its system, Zil Money hands firms a full-on tool to make sure their checks are safe, which really cuts down the chance of losing cash to bad plays.

If you want a safe, trusty way to make payments that cares a lot about check safety, Zil Money’s Positive Pay is key. It can make your money shield stronger and keep your trades in good shape. ZilMoney is also the best alternative to AvidXchange as it gives better integration capabilities and pricing packages than AvidXchange. If you are a small business owner looking to make a shift from AvidXchange then ZilMoney is the ultimate choice. 

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